Orlando comes from behind to beat Ravens

This game had all the hype necessary to make it a great one.  The fans hyped it!  The players hyped it!  It was even the subject of conversation on the radio, getting lots of hype!! And in the end, it delivered on a major scale.  Orlando made its way to St. Cloud to take on the Osceola Ravens in what was the spotlight game of the season so far.

The Ravens were ranked #13 in the nation, the Phantoms ranked #5.  The game was even the SPE National Game of the week. But most importantly, the winner would take sole control of the #1 spot in the Skyline Division and have a headstart heading into playoff scenarios.

Orlando elected to kick first, and came out swinging.  An onside kick, recovered by the Phantoms and before yuo knew it, they had marched their way down the field and into Ravens territory.   But an early fumble and recovery by the Ravens would put a stop to that drive.  The teams would exchange three-and-outs untill the Phantoms would finally be able to put the first poinst on the board 3-0.

Osceola wouldn’t wait long to hit back.  The Ravens would march down the field on a strike to their star receiver Marcus Jackson and lead the Phantoms 6-3 in the 1st quarter.   The Ravens would take an 18-10 lead into halftime.  In fact, the Phantoms would never lead the game again, until 57 seconds left in the 4th quarter.

Orlando beats Osceola now 5-0

Orlando would get the ball back with about 3mins left in the game.  Although they fought hard, they still found themselves in a crucial 4th and 17 situation.  it looked all but over for the Phantoms.  But a pass interference call on 4th and 17, and crucial run for a first down by Torrance Brown, would set up the winning score and the Phantoms would walk out victorious, 28-24 Final Score.

Coach Michael Torres was relieved after the game.  “This game was everything we thought it would be.  Fortunately for us, we were able to pull it off in the end.  Now we just take next week to get ourselves ready for the second half of the season.”

Orlando has a bye week, coming up and will return to action March 5th against the Seminole Mambas.