Orlando pushes Knights around enroute to 7-0

Orlando stepped into this game cautiously.  The Phantoms realized it would be a long trip to Ormond Beach, although the stadium wasn’t very far away, with Spring Break and Bike Week going on at the same time, a trip to the coast wasn’t going to be pretty.  Not only that, the Knights found themselves fighting for wins, they only needed one more to make into the playoffs.  They wouldn’t get that win tonight!

The Phantoms struck first, struck hard, and fended off a late attempted rally by the Knights to move to 7-0 this season, beating the Flagler Knights 30-18.  Orlando would take control in the 1st half, rattling off 22 points and handing the Knights a big goose egg going into halftime.  But the Knights, as they always do, would make a 2nd half push to try to make the game interesting.

Phantoms racking up wins!!

It was all for not though, as Orlando would drop a final touchdown at the start of the 4th quarter to seal the game for the Phantoms.  Flagler would add a few scores late, but the Phantoms double digit lead was too much to overcome.  The Phantoms would walk away with the win. Final Score, Phantoms 30, Flagler Knights 18.

Flagler still has a chance to make it into the playoffs, but they would have to win out the remainder of the season.  Their recent play says that’s a longshot.  Orlando, having already clinched a spot in the playoffs, needs a win next week against the Revolution and a win the following game vs. the Commandos to clinch a bye week in the first-round of the playoffs.