Bethencourt Shows That She Can Hang With The Guy’s At Phantom Tryouts

August 26, 2017 the Orlando Phantoms football team had it’s tryouts for the 2018 season, but it wasn’t just a regular tryout. Along side the 76 men trying out for the team stood Raksha M. Benthencourt, the first female to ever tryout for the Orlando Phantoms football team in its 8 year history. She stood about 5′ 5 and maybe 118 pounds, but ready to go though anything the men were about to go through. Benthencourt who plays for the Orlando Anarchy women’s football team was determined to show she could hang with the men that day. As the first drill was set to be under way she listened closely and off she went.

She ran drills with the Line Backers and impressed the coach who was running the drills as she did better then some of the men in her group. Towards the end of practice it was time for the coaches to make the decision on what guys would stay for the 7 on 7 and who would be sent home. Well Benthencourt’s name was called as she made the 7 on 7 part of tryouts, “the young lady deserved the opportunity to be out there, she was out doing some of the guys in drills”, said Coach T. Phantoms Defensive Coordinator. Benthencourt held her own all the way to the end of tryouts and not once during tryouts did she complain, sit out on drill or quit at any point. She was vocal in every drill and pushing the others to do better which surprised the coaching staff, “she earned anything that comes her way and if she makes this team it will be because the young lady deserves it, said Coach T. . The Orlando Phantoms final roster will be set at the ends of September, will Benthencourt make it? We will find out soon…

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