Orlando Phantoms Show Out In Numbers At Every Practice

Orlando Phantoms not only say they’re ready to repeat as Champions, but they show it. Every practice the Phantoms show up with more then 50 players ready to get to work every Saturday! The Orlando Phantom Coaches are pleased with the commitment shown by the players, and the intensity they show on the field. If the Phantoms look to repeat as League Champions they will have to truly be ready as they will be put to the test in their first 3 games. January 20th the Phantoms will play against an out of state champion in their 8th appearance at the National Bowl Weekend held in Florida. On January 26th the Phantoms travel to Mississippi to take on the APDFL Back to Back Champions the Mississippi Dynasty which looks to be a tough task. February 2nd they will travel to play the West Coast Soldiers in a rematch of the UFFOA Championship classic where the Phantoms won in a comeback 34-33. We will see if Head Coach Ron Scarlata’s revamped Orlando Phantom squad is up for all the challenges that stand in their way.