Phantoms First Ever Female Player Raksha Bethencourt Sits Down To Talk.

Orlando Phantoms first ever Female football player Raksha Bethencourt takes the time to talk to Phantom Nation to answer some questions.

Welcome Miss Bethencourt how are you doing today?
Very good thanks for asking…. How long have you been playing football before joining the Phantoms.
What made you want to play football?
Have you ever thought about, “What if I get Hurt”?
Fair enough, I found out you won a National Championship in 2018 with the Orlando Anarchy, Congratulations. Why move to playing with men now?
Some would say your crazy, and you’re going to get hurt, are they right?
What position you play
Height and Weight
Wow, LB is a dangerous position for a person your size no matter if your a man or woman. Do you really expect the coaches to let you play in the game at the position? and why?
Are the other players positive or are any of them being mean to you.
Well I want to wish you the best this up coming season in 2019.
This has been amazing 🙂
I thank you for taking some time to talk to us Miss Bethencourt and good luck with the Phantoms!


Raksha Bethencourt

  • ODALIS RAMOS November 29, 2018 at 4:28 pm

    I am so happy and proud!!!

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