Orlando Phantoms “Grave Digger” Defense Buries The Raiders Offense in FCFL Championship

The Orlando Phantoms “Grave Digger” Defense did what it’s been doing all season, “Shutting Down offensive teams when it counts”. In the FCFL Championship game against the Dade County Raiders who came in averaging over 35 points a game the Phantoms defense would be put to the test once again. The Phantoms defense wasn’t just ready they were on fire. The Phantom defense did something that no one has done to the Raiders offense, and that is shutdown their powerful run game. The Phantoms allowed under 15 yards rushing all game as the Phantom defense punished the Raiders offense all night. Along with shutting down the run game the Phantoms also had 2 interceptions and 5 sacks to help the Organization win it’s 3rd League title and their first Back to Back Championship ever. In the playoffs the Phantom defense allowed only 12 point in the 2nd half in 3 games combined, the Grave Diggers held true to their name by burying every offense that stood in their way in 2019.