Phantoms Defense Shows Up Big In Win Against The Georgia Noles in Macon 23-15

The Orlando Phantoms who are new to the APDFL took their first step in a league that will require them to do some traveling in 2020. Their first step would be a 5 1/2 hour drive to Macon, Georgia to play the Georgia Noles, in a chilly game that would get down to 43 degrees during game time. The Noles struck first on a 3 yard TD which was set up by a botched punt snap that gave the Noles the ball at the 3 yardline and later in the 4th quarter on a 2 yard run for a score.  The Phantom offense which took some time to get going showed life as QB #1 Daniel Kroupa rushed for 1 TD, and also connected with Clarence Williams for 2 big TD passes. Kicker #26 Tyler Johstono added a field goal to help put the lead to 23-15 which ended being the final score.

The Phantoms Defense was the story of the game with a dominate performance which helped put the game away. With 2 fumble recoveries, 7 Sacks, and an interception by #6 Gladel Brutus to seal the game with :44 seconds left on the clock. The defense punished the Noles QB as he was running for his life all game long. “It was our first time traveling this far for a game in our teams history, and playing in cold weather like this”, said Phantoms Owner Michael Torres. “I’m glad to be in the APDFL it’s time to see what we’re all about, we’re tired of playing the same teams in Florida these past 9 years”, added Torres.

The Phantoms will play their 2020 home opener at Lake Brantley High School Friday night, March 7th @ 7:00pm against the Bay County Trailblazers from Panama City, Florida.