Orlando Phantoms Win Home Opener 20-13 Over Bay County Trailblazers

The Orlando Phantoms kickoff their home opener against the Trailblazers from Panama City Florida in a game that looked more like a 15 round heavy weight boxing match. With both teams trading blows all night the Phantoms happen to strike the last blow that was needed to win the game at the end 20-13. QB #14 Landon Noe took over late in the 2nd quarter and marched the Phantoms down the field to connect with #3 Clarence Williams for a 2 yard TD pass. In the 3rd quarter RB #33 Roger Walker took it in from 5 yards out for the TD to go ahead 13-6. In the 4th quarter QB #14 Landon Noe connected again with WR #3 Clarence Williams for a 54 yard TD pass that would seal the victory 20-13.

The Phantoms defense had a rough night but still held the Trailblazer offense to 6 point the whole game. CB #8 Deion Manor stole away a TD from the Trailblazers as he intercepted a pass in the endzone early in the game. The Phantom defense will have to tighten up as the Orlando Phantoms travel to Monticello Florida to take on the #2 ranked team in the APDFL, the Georgia Cobras next Saturday night at 7:00pm.