Phantoms Travel Short Handed Due To Coronavirus Scare Lose To Strong Cobra Team 20-8

As APDFL season went into their 3rd week the question was, would the league shut down due to the Pandemic Corona-virus that was spreading across the Nation. The question was answered as 5 games were canceled, but some games were still scheduled to be played. One of those games was the Phantom who would be traveling to Monticello Florida to play the Cobras. It was clear that the Phantoms would be traveling light as some players decided not to make the trip due to the Corona-virus issue (18 players not making the trip). The Phantoms fought hard but found themselves down at halftime 6-0 to the Cobras. The Phantoms offense just couldn’t move the football due to their starting QB 14 Landon Noe and 2nd string QB #1 Daniel Kroupa not making the trip, which made it hard for the offense to get anything going. In the second half the Cobras scored 2 more times to finish off the game with a victory 20-8.

It was suppose to be a big game for us and it was a tough loss. We were just down to many guys to pull it out, both of our QB’s not being there made it hard to move the football. I wish the League would’ve rescheduled this big game due to the virus issue so we would be at full strength, but they made a decision and we played the game. At the end of the day we showed up, played the game, and lost… Its time to move on, said Owner Michael Torres.

Players that didn’t make the trip to Saturdays game:

  • QB #14 Landon NoeQB #1 Daniel KroupaRB #28 Lashone GarnettWR #Marckenson VoltaireOL #73 Jeff SmithOL #69 Bradley WhiteOL #77 Vance BrownOL #59 Christian MenensesDE #19 Jose GonzalezDE #36 Jeremy SpencerLB #10 Brandon WilliamsLB #35 Nathan DiggsLB # 51 Anthony Fieldings
    LB #39 Tez JacksonSS #31 Jay StaleyCB #29 Dedan Looby CB #3 Samuel ForkuohFS/CB #5 Leron Hall