About The Phantoms

The Orlando Phantoms are Central Florida’s hottest sports team, and the superior amateur outdoor football team in the state of Florida.  Founded in 2010 the Phantoms were created as a way to provide players a chance to pursue higher education and enhance their lives through leadership, character, sportsmanship, athletics.

Early success drove the Phantoms forward to become a nationally recognized, premier organization in Florida.  A member of the APDFL (Amateur to Professional Developmental Football League) , 3-Time league champions, and 6-Time National Bowl Champions.  Our organization is focused on achieving three major goals within our community, Education, Outreach and Entertainment.


In everything we do, the Phantoms are ultimately focused on helping our players and their families improve their way of life.  We believe a solid education lays the foundation for future success.  Because of this, our team puts players in to universities, technical schools, and community colleges across America, to ensure they have a clear path forward.


Many of our communities lack willing role models, specifically men who are willing to teach, guide, and mentor our next generation.  Phantom players, staff, and coaches commit to being a visible presence in many of these neighborhoods in need.  Not to impress the kids, but to give them hope and passion, while exhibiting discipline and consistency.


We pride ourselves on providing low-cost, family friendly entertainment, all of Orlando can enjoy.  Every Phantoms game is a safe environment created specially for football fans.  Hard hitting, on the field contests, great food, kids activities, and most importantly FOOTBALL!!!