#6 James Perry

In 2011 WR #6 James Perry Did something that no Phantoms has done to this day, catch TD passes from 3 different QB’s in one season. James Perry started his Phantom career on the right foot as he caught the first ever TD pass in Phantoms history in Ocala against the Ocala Rampage. The rest of the season James went on to destroy every Defensive Back that lined across him, and by the end of 2011 James Perry would set 6 Phantom WR records that stood for 6 years before being broken in 2017. Mr. Perry was asked about his records being broken, “If I would’ve had one consistent QB all season in 2011 instead of 3 I would’ve set records no one would’ve even broken” said Perry. That’s a valid point James has their, but the accomplishment makes it that more special that he held those 6 records for so long under those circumstances. The Veteran ended his career with the Phantoms winning a League Championship (2019), and also 4 National Bowl Championships (2012, 2015, 2016, 2017).    CLICK FOR VIDEO


#1/#28  Chris Perry

During the 2013 and 2014 Season Chris Perry dominated the Semi Pro landscape literally. When ever the game was in the balance you could always here Mr. Perry say, “Give me the F$@!en ball Coach if you want to Win”. The most dominate Orlando Phantom player in it’s history setting records that most say will never be broken.

Rushing Yards In A Game= Chris Perry ( 264 ) Wolves 2014
Rushing Yards In A Season= Chris Perry ( 1,327 ) 2013
Yards Per Carry= Chris Perry ( 10.70 ) 2013
Rushing TD’s In A Game= Chris Perry ( 7 ) Wolves 2014
All Purpose Yards In A Season= Chris Perry ( 1,921) 2013

It’s not what Chris Perry did it’s how he did it. In the 2014 UFF Championship game against the Florida Stingrays he couldn’t be stopped and it almost seemed as if the Defense just didn’t want no part of him as he scored 3 Td’s to lift the Phantoms to their first League Championship. Another memorable game was in 2014 against the Tallahassee Wolves. QB Josh Rose was injured and with no QB the Phantoms looked to Chris Perry to lead the offense, and that’s just what he did. Scoring 7 times and helping the Phantoms to victory 41-7 in one of the most memorable moments in Orlando Phantom history. As a 2-Time League MVP and the most feared man in the League Chris Perry’s Legend continues to grow as years go by. When Chris Perry moved on to his Professional career many opponents were EXTREMELY happy.      CLICK FOR VIDEO 



#00 C.J. Curtis

When you talk about C.J. Curtis in 2014 your talking about a guy that’s 6’4 225lb with speed and quickness coming off that edge as a Defensive End. As most Offensive Tackles and QB’s found out very quickly, there was no stopping C.J. unless you had a lot of help. The quickness of the snap was deadly and if you weren’t trying to hold him and get a penalty then you had no chance of stopping him. In 2014 C.J. Curtis set a Orlando Phantoms record with 21.5 Sacks in the regular season (28.5 with Playoffs included), did I mention he missed 2 regular season games that season. In the Championship game in 2014 C.J. sacked the Stingrays QB 3 times in the 4th quarter to help the Phantoms seal the deal 42-35. Since 2014 the Phantoms have yet to see a Defensive End with the power, speed, quickness, and dominance that C.J. Curtis displayed in that 2014 Championship season. Come to think about it C.J. Curtis wanted to play the Safety position at the start on the 2014 season, but when Coach T. saw what he could do at DE Coach T. response was,”There’s no way he will play Safety when he can dominate at the line of scrimmage”. It turned out to be a great move by Coach T., and iy paid off for the Phantoms at the end.