Ring Of Honor

Orlando Phantoms Ring Of Honor

Leron Hall

Leron Hall who's been a Phantom since 2010 has done it all, standing 5'5 135lbs he's Dynamite in a small body. The most confident Phantom year in year out, he's surprised everyone who's met him. On the offensive ball he's excelled at the RB and WR position and on Special Teams has returned punts and kick returns. Leron has filled in when needed at the CB spot on Defense and has compiled some interception at the position. Mr. Hall has shown the biggest heart and positive mindset ever seen on a Orlando Phantom squad.

* 7 years as a Orlando Phantom
* 3-Time Orlando Phantom Allstar
* 2-Time League Champion
* 5-Time National Bowl Champion
* Has Played CB, RB, WR, KR, and PR

Bradley White

Bradley White has been a Phantom since the beginning in 2010, and even though he may have a fiery attitude he's been a consistent anchor on the Phantom Offensive Line. When every he's been asked to play either RG, LG, RT, LT, or Center Bradley has got the job done when needed. It's clear that Bradley White will go down as the best, or one of the best Offensive Lineman in Orlando Phantom history.

* 8 years with the Orlando Phantoms
* 2-Time All-star
* 2 Time League Champion
* 6-Time National Bowl Champion
* Has played every position on the Offensive Line

André Suavé Janvier

Andre is the true meaning of a professional and team player. At Left Tackle he is a QB's best friend and a Defensive Ends worst nightmare. Going into his 7th season with the Phantoms he's been the most consistent Offensive Lineman the Orlando Phantoms have ever had. With a calm and cool attitude Andre just flat out gets the job done. Whenever Andre finishes his career as an Orlando Phantom football player he will go down as the best Offensive Tackle to ever put on a Orlando Phantoms uniform.

* 6 Years With The Phantoms
* 2-Time All-star
* 2-Time League Champion
* 5-Time National Bowl Champion
* Best Offensive Tackle In Orlando Phantom History